Lessons in a sensible naming convention

I have been away on holiday for a week and then went on a mini adventure to London to do some important *research* at some museums (I went to the BM, V and A and Museum of London looking for medieval *stuff* to fill my rooms). The trip wasn’t that successful as there is a bit of a lack of the things I was looking for (beds! See http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O9138/bed-great-bed-of-ware/) but it did give me a nice break and the odds and ends I did see were helpful.

Just before I went away I had a bit of a play around with walls on the model as I realised somehow I had made them a bit too deep and hadn’t joined them in a sensible manner to the tower. I have now added them using the probooleon create tool however, I have not done it in a particularly senesible manner. Having looked clsoely at it the walls have not lined up well and not are not smoothing properly. I think the best solution for this will be to start again before I had tried to make combine the two objects and do it in a more careful manner (mainly checking they are lined up before I start). But I am quite happy with the newly edited walls in terms of their general shape and positioning.

My next step was to insert the window object I had made into the walls. I used the create ProBooleeon command again and subtracted the window from the selected walls.

My next step was to begin working on the chamfers that decorate the window. I started on the one on the upper edge of the window. I had to again convert the object to an editable poly and started by experiemnting with applying the chamfer modifyer to the edge. But I realised this wasn’t actually the most effect method to deliver the desired effect. Instead I found that by playing around with the polygons and moving a few of the edges it appeared much better. I started by pulling the outer edge of the curve up. I then took the next line of polygons and moved them clsoer to the outer edge. The only issue is that instead of appear as a nice sharp edge (like the aris on the wall) the edge is smoothing.

The first window!

Having come back from holiday I have since learnt a harsh lesson in correctly naming my files. I have spent the morning running over what I had done to create the previous window on the next window only to find I had been working in the wrong .max file. An error we all make and vow never to make again. I think its time I introduced a more ordered storage method for my files.

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