Fireplaces and Windows

Ok so having played around with the fireplaces all morning I tried to use a series of fireplace shapes and then subtracting them one after the other to create the chamferred edge. I don’t think this is the best method for producing the complex objects. Instead I think using the chamfer tool might work better expecially as the fireplace I have been working on has a rounded edge.

So after testing this out I decided instead to go back to my windows and think about methods for creating the shapes and managed to almost complete a window! I already had the inside shape in the wall. From this I created a polygon behind this first hollow and moved the lines around to create the righ shape. I think did the same to create the actual window opening and used Probooleon to insert it.

I next added the window bars which were present on this window. In this case there is evidence (holes in the masonry) for 4 horizontal bars. I created these using cylinders and aligning them. I have not inserted these into the overall object however, as these will be a different material. It all looks pretty.

My next steps will be to work on the shutters which I will need images of to complete and insert.

I also realised while I was producing these windows I have had to take a certain amount of license with the survey data. The data is incomplete to start with as due to the height of the walls a lot of the bases of windows and fireplaces that were set back into the wall were not possible to survey. Also a second point is that in the production of the window I have had to use the data as very much a guide as the survey details the building as it stands today, with holes in the masonry and some areas are more dilapidated than others. This has meant to reproduce the windows in the walls I have had to use a certain amount of conjecture to correctly position openings. However, I feel that by using the survey data in the first place I can produce the spaces reasonably accuratley provided I record where I have made assumptions. In this case the combinaion of photographs, survey data and looking at buildings with complete windows is helping me to make these decisions.

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