As I had left the model last time I was having trouble inserting the upper floor windows into the wall. I’m not sure what the issue was but having tried testing the window shape on another area of the building and it working fine I realiased that the issue must have been with the wall. So I just copied the floor below again and moved it into the right position so now I have all the 3 windows inserted into the wall.

As a break from the windows I have started to have a go at producing a fireplace. I am using the same basic method which appears to be working well. But will have new difficulties later on. Creating the basic shape should be fairly straightforward. The issue will be whether and how much chimney I decide to include. To do this I will have to think about the uses of the model but I think I can progress with just a basic shape for now and alter it later.

I have got as far as thinking about chamfer stops and how I will produce them so I think I will have a play around with the chamfer tool again and see how it looks.

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