Acoustical Work at Ightham Mote

My thesis has developed into working on two separate digital project, the first Visualisation Project at Bodiam I have discussed as it has developed on this blog. The second I am beginning to put together on Acoustics at Ightham Mote. Ightham unlike Bodiam is a complete country house which has been developed over the centuries.

I am interested on doing an Acoustical Survey of the building which will allow me to assess how sound is experienced in different spaces in the building. I will be looking at the Medieval Great Hall, the old Chapel and one of the Solar’s. These three spaces had different uses and would have different acoustical requirements.

My intention is to record the impulse response of each space which will allow me to determine how sound carried around the spaces and was experienced in the room. The impulse response can be used to state whether a space was suited towards public speaking or musical performances or conversation.

I will also be able to model each of the spaces using CATT software which will allow me to manipulate the nature of furnishings and fittings to more accurately represent the medieval spaces.