First steps in Photogrammetry

Ok i’ve given in, i’m finally learning to use Agisoft Metashape (Photoscan as was) in a more professional and applied way. I’ve been thinking a lot more about objects, digital objects and 3d prints as a result of my fellowship at the Fitzwilliam Museum (more here). This has recently starting me thinking about the process of making digital objects and how we use and talk about them.

I promise I won’t get obsessive about the size of my point cloud.

But I do want to think a bit more about the capture and processing of these models following on from a series of conversations with Dr Dav Smith while we were away for the Elizabeth Castle Project. The joy of photogrammetry is that it is, at least from the outside, fairly straightforward to undertake (like laser scanning) but how much knowledge and skill is required to capture more complex models, how will this affect research or datasets and more importantly how much does it all matter.


So here is my first (in the recent past) attempt at producing a model. It is the Minoan Head by Barbera Hepworth on display at Fitzwilliam Museum. In hindsight I wish I had started with something less mono-chrome and with a bit more geometry but at least it came together! I want to reprocess it a few times to see how it might change.


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