Window hell

I have been working/ swearing over the creation of the windows at Bodiam. I am currently playing around with different ideas about how I am going to build the model anyway, I have so far built the basic outline of all the walls and am now thinking about how I am going to “cut” the windows out of them. My idea so far has been to use compound objects to “subtract” the basic shape out of the solid walls.

My issue has arisen due to the shape of all the windows. The “easy” ones I decided to start on are a basic rectanglular shape on the outside but open up into a much more broader frame, the following photo is an example:

The issue has been creating the curve along the top of the window as it shrinks as it moves back.

I have tried using a range of shapes and lines to create this, I couldn’t figure out whether teh best way to create the shape was to creat the plan of the shape and work from that or the elevation and either stretch or shrink it.

This second way ended up being the best option. I created a spline of the inner wall opening. I then converted this to an editable poly and extruded it to the depth of the window. The created the curving ceiling, but hadn’t solved the issue with the opening shrinking towards the window itself. I then applied a “taper” modifier with the taper axis primary in the x axis, and the effect in the y axis. I needed to apply -0.76 to get the right effect.

The shape is not perfect yet, but I think if I go back now and build the shape up from scratch ensuring that it is symettrical when I apply all of the changes it will be perfect!

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