2/10 things your didn’t know about Bodiam Castle

Having moved on from looking at the window seat I am starting to look at fireplaces and thought that I would mention a feature found in Eastern Tower. There is a fireplace in the First Floor Apartments which has an opening in the side of it leading through into the Eastern Tower.

Fireplace with opening on right side into adjoining tower

discussions with other have led to confusion there is no real understanding of what this is or why it is there. One thing suggested to me by Dave Potts a fellow PhD student is that if a fire is burned in a fireplace for 48 hours the whole chimney stack will heat up and act as a radiator for the adjoining rooms. Maybe this was one step further and was used as a double fireplace. However, the interior is a little odd as the position where the opening appears is right next to the door. Photo to follow on next trip to site!

2 thoughts on “2/10 things your didn’t know about Bodiam Castle

  1. Did you come to an opinion what this aperture was for? It connects to a fireplace sized niche in the tower chamber. It’s not a fireplace though (no chimney and a different construction). I’ve heard it suggested that this was a bathing place or used for food warming amongst other things! The tower chamber itself is unusual in that it does not link to the tower staircase. It’s also one of only two rooms in the Castle with a stone cut cupboard (the other is an aumbry in the priest’s room).

    • I’m afraid I do not know what it is for! I assumed it was a method for heating the tower without having a fireplace in the room (though I admit this does seem somewhat of a weak argument as surely placing another fireplace could have been done during building). It is a very private room so bathing could be an option though I would have assumed that a room with a fireplace would have been used. Warming food, or maybe wine would seem appropriate. I find it particularly interesting that the same feature is not found on the floor above.

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